Electronics lab


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The electronics lab monitors the development of new technologies and devices for the commercial market and identifies components that might be interesting for research in Biology. We have facilities to develop prototypes and to modify or develop equipment suitable for different research projects. The main areas of activity are sensor systems, radio tracking, radar technology, GPS, signal processing, energy harvesting and optical tracking methods.

Equipment and resources

The technical lab is equipped with modern measurement instruments like magnetometers, radio/optical spectrum analyzers, data loggers, oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers and different signal sources. We have got electronics simulators, modern CAD software and software development tools for several microcontroller platforms. The lab has soldering equipment, a large array of precision tools, and a basic mechanical workshop to be able to manufacture prototypes and service equipment. In our lab we have prototyping kits for several different microcontroller families.

Services provided

We develop devices with different kinds of environmental sensors, for example temperature, acceleration, gyro, magnetometers, light meters. Some of the more advanced sensors are based on MEMS technology. We also support radio tracking, radar, GPS and energy harvesting systems.

Management of the infrastructure

This is a part of Biology Department

UKÄ subject classification

  • Natural Sciences

Type of infrastructure

  • Equipment
  • Services

Free keywords

  • electronics design
  • faultfinding
  • adapting technology
  • prototype assembly
  • electric measurements
  • experimental design
  • research support