Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS/EBSD-analysis


    Infrastructure Details




    The laboratory consists of a variable pressure Tescan Mira3 High Resolution Schottky FE-SEM equipped with Oxford EDS and EBSD system and a CL system.

    The instrument allows for:
    •High-resolution imaging in both high- and low-vacuum mode
    •Qualitative and quantitative elemental analyses
    •Qualitative and quantitative line scans and elemental mapping
    •Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) studies
    •Cathodoluminescence imaging

    Equipment and resources

    InstrumentModel: Tescan Mira3Resolution: 1.0 nm, at 30kV and high vacuum modeElectron source: High brightness Schottky emitterAcceleration voltage: 50V to 30kVVacuum: high vacuum <9 × 10-3 Pa, low vacuum 7 to 500 Pa.Chamber: Internal diameter: 340 mm (width) × 315 mm (depth)Beam Deceleration Technology (BDT) for resolution at low beam voltagesDecontaminator/plasma cleaner


    DetectorsStandard ET SE detectorIn-beam (in-lens) back scatter detectorIn-beam (in-lens) secondary electron detectorRetractable back scatter detectorLow vacuum (up to 500 Pa) secondary electron detectorPanchromatic motorized retractable CL detector (spectral range of 185 – 850 nm)Energy dispersive spectrometer: X-MaxN 80 from Oxford Instruments (124 eV, 80mm2)Electron backscatter diffraction spectrometer: NordlysNano from Oxford InstrumentsAnalytical software: Automated AZtecEnergy

    Services provided

    The laboratory is foremost dedicated to academic research conducted by investigators at the department, but external users, such as researchers from universities, laboratories and industry are also welcome.

    Management of the infrastructure

    Dr. Carl Alwmark

    Type of infrastructure

    • Equipment