Infrastructure for laser capture microdissection


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    The infrastructure offers a complete laser capture microdissection(LCM) instrument for the rapid and precise isolation of groups ofcells and even single cells within the context of their heterogeneoustissue distribution or in live cell cultures for downstream analysisacross a wide range of applications. Alternatively, the technique canbe used for negative selection by excising unwanted cells or areasto obtain a histologically pure and enriched cell population. Themicrodissected samples display intact morphology, and the qualityand yield can be verified during and directly after isolation. Typicaldownstream applications are DNA genotyping, RNA transcriptprofiling, proteomics (immunoprofiling or mass spectrometry),metabolomics, and signal pathway profiling.

    Equipment and resources

    Zeiss PALM LCM system.

    Services provided

    Introduction to the facility and access to consumables depending on the nature of samples and research question.

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    • Cancer and Oncology

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