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    The IQ Biotechnology Platform is a Core Facility at Lund University offering smart solutions for imaging and quantifying all kinds of biological samples. Using a wide range of up-to-date equipment, we can provide a comprehensive service of high quality, which is available to academic and industrial users. Our staff is available to assist with sample collection, preparation, and processing as well as with experimental design and data analysis. We are therefore able to run entire projects or assist with individual tasks.

    The facility is divided in two parts: One with a focus on microscopy related experiments and the other is dealing with molecular biology, protein chemistry, and cell biology related issues.

    Equipment and resources

    Biacore X100: Surface Plasmon Resonance based technology to measure molecular interactions.
    Bio-Plex 200: Investigate of more than 50 analytes in a small sample volume.
    Paraffin embedding platform: Embed tissues in paraffin
    Microtome: Prepare thin sections from the paraffin embedded tissues
    Dako Autostainer 48: Process up to 48 slides for immunohistological, immunofluorescence, and routine tissue stainings.
    Nikon Eclipse 80i: To capture images with excellent resolution.
    Ultramicrotome: Ultra thin sectioning and processing of samples for electron microscopy.
    Corelative Light and Electron Microscope: Combined fluorescence and scanning electron microscopy (DELPHI-PHENOMWORLD)
    QuantStudio 7 Flex system: Real-Time PCR system with high throughput capabilities.

    Digital and physical collections

    Services provided

    Protein interactions using Biacore X100.
    Multiple analyte quantification by bead based assays using Bio-Plex 200.
    Tissue processing for immunohistochemistry, light and electron microscopy.
    Imaging with very high resolution using light, fluorescence and electron microscopes.
    Molecular biology based techniques like gene expression, genotyping, copy number variation, and more by using Real-Time PCR system.

    All results will be delivered electronically and data will be saved at our division.

    Management of the infrastructure

    The IQ Biotechnology platform is headed by Arne Egesten and Heiko Herwald. Currently Dr. Ravi Bhogir and Maria Baumgarten are working full-time the the platform. Their salaries are at the moment covered by a SSF grant.
    Dr. Bhongir is responsible for all correspondence dealing with IQ biotechnology related questions or requests.

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    • Medical and Health Sciences

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