Lund high-pressure combustion facility


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    Lund HPC rig

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    The HPC rig is included in/part of the national research program CECOST.


    The HPC rig is a large combustion rig with optical access intended for semi-industrial investigations of gas turbine relevant operating conditions at high pressures, flows, temperatures.

    A benefit with the HPC rig is its location which grants easy access to the many advanced laser measurement techniques of Combustion Physics and Lund University Combustion Centre

    Equipment and resources

    Lund HPC rig is a separate unit with its own infrastructure for air, fuel and power supply. The facility is equipped with necessary equipment for its operation. This includes electrical substation, supply of air and natural gas with individual compressors, liquid fuel tanks, equipment for exhaust emissions.

    Services provided

    The HPC rig is maintained and operated by a HPC rig operator employed by the Division of Combustion Physics.
    All data is generated, stored and transferred locally.

    Management of the infrastructure

    The PHC rig is managed by prof. Marcus Aldén, Head of Division of Combustion Physics

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