Lund University Medical Laser Centre


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    The Lund Medical Laser Centre (LUMLAC) is an umbrella organization for supporting interdisciplinary work regarding basic techniques development and clinical applications in the internationally strongly expanding field of biophotonics. Examples of activities include early detection of malignant disease using reflectance or fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging, and photodynamic therapy of superficial as well as deep-lying tumors. Newer aspects include the use of gas in scattering media absorption spectroscopy (GASMAS) as a versatile tool that even might contribute in the urgent quest to fight antibiotic resistance. Further, novel aspects of photoacoustic imaging are being pursued.

    Equipment and resources

    Biomedical laser laboratories for medical fluorescence diagnostics and photodynamic tumour treatment. Systems for time-resolved scattering media spectroscopy and gas-in-scattering-media studies. Platforms and laboratories for non-invasive measurements, using photoacoustic imaging instrumentations, on humans and on experimental animal models.

    Management of the infrastructure

    Statutes formulated/issued by The Vice Chancellor/Lund university
    Board represented by commissioners from M, N and LTH faculties.

    UKÄ subject classification

    • Biomedical Laboratory Science/Technology

    Type of infrastructure

    • Equipment