Microscopy Platform at Department of Biology


Infrastructure Details


MBio -Microscopy for Biosciences


At the platform we have a scanning electron microscope, a transmission electron microscope a confocal microscope, a micro-CT, an IR-microscope, a Raman microscope and IR spectroscopy equipment.

The confocal microscopes is also possible to operate as a light sheet microscope.

The equipment is available for all researchers within Lund University, but also for researchers from other universities or from industry.

We can assist with sample preparation for electron microscopy and training and support in all techniques.

Equipment and resources

Transmission electron microcope: JEOL 1400 PLUS (120kV)

Scanning electron microcope: HITACHI SU3500

Confocal microscope: LEICA SP8 DLS (with light sheet module)

Micro computed tomography - micro CT. Nikon XTH 225

Ramanmicroscopy- Horiba, LabRam HR Evolution

IR-spectroscopy - Bruker Photothermal Spectroscopy Corporation Hyperion 3000

IR-microscopy - mIRage Photothermal Spectroscopy Corp

The facility offers both electron and advanced light microscopy services.

Services provided

*Sample preparation for electron microscopy
*Training at microscope operation
*Microscopy imaging and analysis support
*Courses in microscopy

Management of the infrastructure

Facility Manager: Ola Gustafsson

Steering board, chairperson Marie Dacke

Type of infrastructure

  • Equipment