NIKON SMZ25. Fully automated xyz microscope for time-lapse in vivo imaging.


    Infrastructure Details


    Tunable Cool-LED p4000 (16 channels). Can acquire stacks and computationally filter out light not in focus. Orthogonal view, 3D reconstruction. LED, not confocal, but gives similar images. Time-lapse imaging. Tiling (nice stitching). Can be used for in vivo imaging of superficial vasculature in the brain using near-infrared dyes. See website.

    Equipment and resources

    Group is starting, not currently in heavy use. Due to automated stage, microscope can acquire images from several mice at the same time, depending on the frequency required.

    Services provided

    Willing to train people to use it.

    Management of the infrastructure

    Iben Lundgaard

    Type of infrastructure

    • Equipment