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    Open Lab Skåne, an initiative that enables companies to access equipment, expertise and laboratories in the fields of life science, food engineering, materials science and chemistry. See web site: openlabskane.se/


    Pilot plant (400m²) for technical development of food processing and formulation applications. In addition to pilot scale equipment (see list below) there is also process media i.e. water (hot, cold, and DI), compressed air and steam (high and low pressure) utilities. Connected to the pilot plant there is a test kitchen and sensory analysis facility (100m²) for food product development that can be used for clinical trials. Adjacent to this area there are 2 refrigerated rooms, two freezer rooms, and a dry-storage room for food and ingredients.

    Equipment and resources

    - Dryers (fluidized bed, convection dryer, spray dryer, 10L freeze dryer, and drum dryer).
    - Emulsion technologies (high pressure homogenizers, micro fluidizer, high shear homogenizers)
    - Membrane technology (MF, UF, NF)
    - Dairy applications (separators, HTST, UHT, butter and cheese equipment)
    - Brewing (milling, fermentation, carbonation, bottling)
    - Cider making (cutter, press)
    - Ovens (combi, pressure cooker)
    - Blast freezer (radial and axial fan, IFQ bed)
    - Range of digital monitoring setups to track key process parameters (temperature, mass loss, flow rates, relative humidity, etc.)
    - Climate chambers with programmable temperature, humidity, solar simulators.
    - Tablet machines

    Services provided

    Availability to pilot scale equipment, pilot plant area with utility connection, test kitchen and sensory analysis facility. Cold and refrigerated storage of food and ingredients.
    All data are generated, stored and transferred locally.

    Management of the infrastructure

    Through department board.

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    • Food Engineering

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    • Equipment
    • Services