Platform for Advanced Radiaton Detectors


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    The platform is connected to the delevopment of Swedish contributions to major infratrcutures for nuclear physics e.g. FAIR and CERN.


    The platform for advanced radiation detectors is a common infrastructure for R&D work related to physics experiments persued at the department of physics. The platform is also available for educational purposes, e.g. BSc and MSc projects that are related to this research. Test equipment, electronics and data acquistion for Ge detectors, including a high precision scanning table for high resolution measurements and other detector handling and preparation is available.

    Equipment and resources

    Front-end detector signal processing electronics, digitizers, DAQ dedicted computers, 3D printer e.g. for detector mounts, annealing oven for curing of detector radiation damage, desiccator for hygroscopic detectors. Detector specific mechanics. Manpower for simulations is also available.

    Services provided

    Possibilities to measure properties of radiation detectors used in subatomic physics. Construction and preparation of detector systems for research.

    Management of the infrastructure

    Main responsible: Pavel Golubev. Dirk Rudolph and Joakim Cederkäll as co-organisers.

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    • Natural Sciences

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    • Equipment
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    • Advanced radiation detectors
    • R&D on sensors and readout
    • Simulations
    • Detactor handling