Preclinical Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography


    Infrastructure Details




    Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography is a powerful optoacoustic imaging system for small animal imaging. It acquires cross-sectional images from head to tail, with high resolution, in vivo and in real time. The machine is also equipped with ultrasound computed tomography for further insights.

    Equipment and resources

    MSOT InVision 512-Echo
    Image rate: 10/2 fps (MSOT/US)
    Spatial resolution: 150 microns
    Wavelength spectrum: 680-980 nm
    Pulse repetition rate: 10 Hz
    Maximum Pulse energy: 100 mJ
    Curvature of detectors array: 270 °
    Numbers of detector elements: 512
    OPUS: 2-8 MHz
    Access to software and Matlab for image analysis

    Services provided

    The infrastructure offers technical support to design, prepare and run the entire experiment. However, it is also possible to get onsite training and to run the MSOT machine independently.

    Management of the infrastructure

    Håkan Axelson and Kristian Pietras are managing the MSOT infrastructure which is also supported by LBIC.

    Type of infrastructure

    • Equipment