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    Instruments have been deployed in field studies, partially at ICOS/ACTRIS sites (PTR-Q-MS: Norunda; PTR-TOF-MS: Hyltemossa), but also at SITES (Skogaryd) in form of projects. Provides link between ICOS ecosystem and atmospheric measurements and ACTRIS aerosol measurements. Partly also used for lab-studies (soil emissions, human breath-analyses, ...).


    This facility includes 2 instruments for the measurement of specific trace gases (volatile organic compounds; VOC) using a soft ionization technique (Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectroscopy) at high temporal resolution (up to 10 Hz) and low detection limit (low ppt level). One instrument (PTR-Q-MS; 2004) uses a Quadrupol which limits time/mass resolution, the other (PTR-TOF-MS, time-of-flight technique; 2012) provides full mass spectra (up to ca m/z 600; mass resolution ca 4000) at max 10Hz. These are the only instruments of this kind in Sweden.
    The instruments are mostly deployed at field sites (e.g. SITES, ACTRIC/ICOS) for long-term measurements during the growing season, but can also be used in a lab.

    Update: The older PTR-Q-MS was lost during measurements at a fire on the research site. No replacement available.

    Equipment and resources

    The facility for the time being includes one PTR-TOF-MS (PTR-TOF 8000, Ionicon; 2012) using time-of-flight techniques for compound separation resulting in better temporal and mass scanning resolution. A gas calibration system (GCU-b, Ionicon, 2007) is available for the instrument. The second high-sensitivity PTR-Quad (Ionicon) was destroyed in a fire incident at a research site.

    Digital and physical collections

    High resolution VOC concentration data and ecosystem fluxes of VOC might be available from different ecosystems (wetlands, boreal forests, biofuel plantations) from former projects. Based on project requests, the instrument can be deployed both in field and lab-studies on campaign-basis. Contact PI.

    Services provided

    This is not a service lab but instruments are used for long-term measurements at field sites, but we could provide low ppt-measurements of VOC at high time resolution (< 1 sec). The instrument can be relocated for specific campaigns based on project's needs. Contact PI.

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    PI-agreements based on projects


    NameIonicon T8000 PTR-TOF-MS
    Acquisition date2012/10/01
    NameIonicon hs-PTR-MS
    Acquisition date2004/06/01
    Decommission date2021/01/01
    NameIonicon GCU-b (Gas Calibration Unit)
    Acquisition date2007/07/01

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