Spray Laboratory: Spray optical diagnostics and advanced imaging


    Infrastructure Details




    Spray system: Max pressure of injection 150 bars. Flow rate: 10 l/min

    Equipment and resources

    The laboratory contains: SLIPI: Structured Laser Illumination Planar Imaging systems; PDA: Phase Doppler Anemometry; 6 sCMOS camera / 2 Long range microscope objectives for high resolution imaging / 4 pulse Nd:YAG lasers / 4 DPSS continuous laser / 1 femtosecond (100 fs) laser.

    Services provided

    Imaging through optically dense sprays for the measurement of: - Doplet size in 3D - Droplets concentration in 3D - Spray temperature in 3D - Spray velocimetry and Dynamics at high resolution.
    All data is generated, stored and transferred locally.

    Management of the infrastructure

    The Spray-Lab is managed by: Dr. Edouard Berrocal. One post-doc and two Ph.D. students are currently working in the laboratory.

    UKÄ subject classification

    • Engineering and Technology

    Type of infrastructure

    • Equipment