Swedish Bird Survey


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    Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS)


    The infrastructure is a PostgreSQL database storing and providing access to data from 1975-now from the SBS. The project consists of currently six different monitoring scheme. Within them about 25 million birds have been counted, in several thousand different routes by many thousand volunteering ornithologists. Data is currently being used for national and international monitoring analyses, including the EU Farmland Bird Index (see https://www.eea.europa.eu/data-and-maps/indicators/abundance-and-distribution-of-selected-species/abundance-and-distribution-of-selected-4) and the Swedish Environmental Objectives (“miljökvalitetsmålen”, see https://sverigesmiljomal.se/miljomalen). Data is regularly reported to the European Bird Census Council (www.ebcc.info) and Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (www.pecbms.info).

    Equipment and resources

    Virtual server instances hosted by LDC, running a client/server application based on Open Development tools (Linux/RedHat, PostgreSQL database backend and basic web applications / ODBC server). Has been funded by the CAnMove Linneaus grant which ended in 2018.

    Digital and physical collections

    Data from the Swedish Bird Survey since 1975.

    Services provided

    Free data access to Swedish bird monitoring data (data since 1975). Some datasets available at gbif.org, but can also be offered as data excerpts upon request.

    Management of the infrastructure

    Managed by Åke Lindström, Martin Green and Fredrik Haas in collaboration with database developers (Johan Bäckman, Mathieu Blanchet).

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    • Biological Sciences

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    • Digital collections

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    • Environmental monitoring
    • Birds
    • Mammals
    • Population size trends
    • Species distribution
    • Citizen Science
    • Amfibians