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    SEDD is part of the national infrastructure SwedPop with funding from VR and LU. SEDD is also part of the international infrastructure network EHPS-Net (


    The Scanian Economic-Demographic Database (SEDD) is a high-quality longitudinal data resource spanning a 350-year period. It covers all individuals born in or migrated to the city of Landskrona and five rural or semi-rural parishes (Hög, Kävlinge, Halmstad, Sireköpinge, and Kågeröd) in western Scania from 1646 to 1968. All those surviving until 1968 have been linked with national registers from Statistics Sweden, Socialstyrelsen and Krigsarkivet, providing data from 1968 to the present. This allows us to track the study populations as well as their descendants, regardless of where they live in Sweden. In total the database contains about 350,000 unique individuals. SEDD includes a large number of variables at the individual and family level on demography, socioeconomic status and health.

    Equipment and resources

    Computer servers and data storage are provided to users, as well as software for data analysis.

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    Data and documentation of the data. Researchers affiliated with the Centre for Economic Demography get additional support with data management and extraction of data, as well as will preparation of files for data analysis.

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    Overall steering by the board of the Centre for Economic Demography. Operational management by the PI and representatives from data entry, data management and research.

    UKÄ subject classification

    • Economics
    • Economic History
    • Sociology (excluding Social Work, Social Psychology and Social Anthropology)
    • Public Health, Global Health, Social Medicine and Epidemiology

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    • Digital collections

    Infrastructure programme

    • Has current status as Infrastructure of national interest (Swedish Research Council)

    Free keywords

    • health
    • longitudinal data
    • register data
    • demography
    • socioeconomic conditions
    • occupation
    • social class
    • income