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    LTH is part of the Swedish Universities of the Built Environment where Chalmers, KTH and LTU are members. Lab facilities, such as HSB Living Lab (Chalmers, Angela Sasic Kalagasidis) and Complab (LTU) are used in joint research projects. The Structural Engineering lab is part of the Civil Engineering lab, a platform that comprises 12 individual laboratories at LTH, Lund University.


    The laboratory infrastructure at the School of Civil Engineering, Lund University, represents a substantial and unique facility among the universities in Sweden in terms of access to advanced testing of structures at micro to macro levels. The research today is diversified and ranges from basic research to applied research in close collaboration with industry. Examples of research include e.g. mechanical behavior of structures built with new superlight composite and new bio-based materials for the construction sector, characterization and/or validation of mechanical behavior of materials, structural components and joints. We have cooperation with the other laboratories within the School of Civil Engineering, under the umbrella "Civil Engineering Laboratory".

    Equipment and resources

    Mechanical testing equipment: servo-hydraulic machinery (MTS), load and displacement measurements. Climate chamber and simple wind-driven rain testing equipment.

    Services provided

    The services include testing aiming at verification and characterization of mechanical performance of building materials components and structures.
    All acquired data are stored and transferred locally.

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    The laboratory is managed by the head of the division. One research engineer is hired at the division.

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    • Mechanical testing equipment, servo-hydraulic machinery, load and displacement measurements, climate chamber, wind-driven rain testing equipment