The Swedish Infrastructure for Biological Mass Spectrometry


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    BioMS is a geographically distributed infrastructure with established ties to EATRIS, and with collaborations with MAX IV, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (USA), PRO-MS, and similar entities.


    BioMS is a nationally distributed infrastructure for biological mass spectrometry and proteomics. The nodes offer specialized analytical techniques for the Swedish life science community demands. Currently BioMS has 3 nodes (Lund university, Gothenburg university including Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, and Karolinska Institutet). BioMS is funded by Vetenskapsrådet and the universities of the participating nodes.
    Currently BioMS has 3 nodes (Lund University, Gothenburg University - Chalmers Tekniska Högskola, and Karolinska Institutet).

    Equipment and resources

    The BioMS national infrastructure enables the cutting-edge mass spectrometry and related advanced technology platforms to be part of research projects across Sweden. BioMS has the hardware, software, and qualified scientists to provide project support.

    Services provided

    Current modules representing different mass spectrometry technologies include:
    Targeted Proteomics
    Chemical Proteomics
    Protein structure analysis
    Quantitative clinical peptidomics

    Management of the infrastructure

    BioMS is governed by a national board with representation from academia and industry. The role of the BioMS Steering Committee includes:
    • Decision on the yearly budget distribution
    • Approval of business plan, strategic plan and annual report
    • Approval of policies for access to the infrastructure
    BioMS operations are managed by an operative group with represention from all 3 nodes. The role of the operative group includes:
    • Execution and coordination of the node activities including projects, knowledge transfer, coordination of instrument capacities etc
    • Preparation of business plan, strategic plan and annual reports
    • Education, outreach, marketing and administration

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    • Medical and Health Sciences

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    • Has current status as Infrastructure of national interest (Swedish Research Council)