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Perioperative optimization of patients diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Description: The treatment of choice for women diseased with advanced ovarian cancer is primary debulking surgery followed by 6 courses of chemotherapy. The impact of preparation the patient to the treatment cannot be overestimated. The main part needs to start the treatment within 7-10 days from the suspicion of the cancer. A lot of information has to be delivered to the patient and their relatives. The amount and distribution of the tumor has to be investigated and a treatment choice according to the disease and the patient performance balanced to reach an optimal effect of care without unnecessary side effects.


1) Improve the preoperative evaluation of the disease by a) staging ultrasonography b) numeric scoring of tumor in CT imaging c) needle biopsy for implementing tumor immunohistology d) reflexscreening for BrCa mutations 2) Preoperative optimization of the patient by a) added nutrition for Albumin and BMI b) oxygen transport with hemoglobin and iron c) physical activity, thoracal muscle training and pain treatment d) prehabilitation e) patient blood management f) length of hospital stay, readmissions and complications g) percentage of patients with AOC passing the ERAS program h) survival.


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