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About research and experience as basis for teaching

I work since 1987 as teacher of singing at the Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, from December 2001 as a senior lecturer. The training that I give my students is based on scientific and artistic foundations and proven experience. By this I mean that the first ground for my teaching is using what I have acquired during my studies and my research at three faculties within the University. The second ground is own artistic activities during many years as a soloist at concerts, as a musician and as a choir leader. The third ground is the extensive experience I have as a Licensed Speech Pathologist from work with choirs, professional singers and persons, suffering from voice problems.

Research as a basis for teaching

During my studies and my further education, I have had the privilege of being guided and inspired by prominent researchers. My first mentor was PhD Nils Wallin, member of the Swedish Academy of Music, and PhD Björn Merker, brain researcher. They gave me not only knowledge of scientific methods, but also a permanent interest in research concerning music's origin and evolution. A number of professors at Lund University have supervised my research. Professor Bertil Sundin at the Faculty of Fine Arts gave me a lifelong interest in the music educational research, particularly in childrens’ and young persons’ development in music. Professors Birgitta Sahlén and Ulrika Nettelbladt, both at the Faculty of Medicine, guided me in my studies and research in Logopedics (Speech Pathology and Therapy), research that later on resulted in my own voice training method for singers. Professors Peter Gärdenfors and Christian Balkenius, both cognition researchers at the Faculty of Philosophy, were my inspiring supervisors when I performed my research on absolute pitch and synesthesia.

Artistic basis for teaching

The students that I teach at the Malmö Academy of Music will - after completed education – work as music teachers, choir conductors or musicians. As a teacher for them, I must be able to convey experiences of those working fields.

There is no opportunity to impart knowledge to students of the realities for music teachers, choir conductors and musicians unless having thorough experiences of such activities. I have worked as a music teacher in schools and various educational institutions. I have also been conductor and leader of several choirs. Currently working with about twenty choirs. Over the past ten years I have organized and been soloist at approximately fifty concerts in all kinds of genres. I’m currently member of two professional ensembles that regularly perform concerts.

I have received deeper artistic basis for my teaching when I - during a semester in Paris – had the opportunity to follow the conductor William Christie in his teaching of his ensemble Les Arts Florissants. That time gave an unique insight into how one of today's most well known conductors work, especially with singers in an ensemble. The previous year I had the opportunity to intensive training given by the world famous soprano Emma Kirkby. The training - and the experience of how she instructs singers - has become an outstanding basis for my own teaching, especially regarding early music and baroque music.

Proven experience

I know that the concept "proven experience" is controversial. But in terms of my education at the Malmö Academy of Music, I have no doubt - the extensive experiences I have from all of the students’ relevant fields of work are exactly "proven". This means that I can supply valuable experiences to my students from the fields of work where they will work.

To sum up - I claim that teaching students at the Malmö Academy of Music at university level requires a combination of knowledge, based on academic studies, high own artistic level, acquired during many years of activities as soloist, as well as experience, gained from all kinds of occupations where the students after completed education will work.

Further research

My ongoing research is now concentrated on the development of the training method for singers that I presented after my medicine master's thesis in Speech Pathology was published in 2011. (Master thesis: "Students report Subjective effects of training by use of phonation tube on singing technique" . - It can be found here:

Url: )

All of the students who were volunteers for the research project reported good progress. I work now - in my activity as a voice specialist - using my training method with 20 choirs in Skåne, Blekinge, Halland and Småland. This means that I currently have access to a significantly larger number of subjects than I had at the Faculty of Medicine in the Department of Logopedics, Phoniatrics and Audiology. - My goal with this continuing research is perfecting the training method, adapting different phonation tubes to individual voice types and finding a safe method for future trainers’ teaching.

Continuing education

It is now my task to - on the basis of what I have learned - convey my knowledge and my experiences to my students. I continuously follow what is published in theses, scientific articles and new literature regarding everything related to voice, singing technique and pedagogy. I continue my research in the hope to contribute to a good, cheap and proven method of training for singers.

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