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About me

After finishing my Bachelor in ecological impact assessment in Germany I went on to do a Master in conservation biology at Lund University. I completed my studies in early 2018 with a project on the landscape effect of wind turbines on birds in Sweden and went on to work as a research assistant in butterfly projects, before starting my PhD in September 2018. My professional interests are focused on conservation biology, landscape ecology and ornithology. In my spare time I also enjoy climbing, music and a good read.

About my project

Have recent decades of conservation efforts in forestry practice benefited birds?

We aim to gain concrete knowledge about which measurable and positive effects changes in forestry practices after 1993 had on birds in Sweden, specifically on the lesser spotted woodpecker and the marsh tit. These two species are indicators of valuable environments in deciduous forests, and likely they are also umbrella species for other species. Our methodology is mostly centered around the repetition of a large-scale monitoring scheme performed in the 1980s and GIS based habitat modelling.  We aim to translate knowledge resulting from the project into practical recommendations for broad scale and effective conservation action for forestry in deciduous forests.