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My research focuses on fundamental assumptions in development, learning and psychological growth, important for many areas like public health, education, social work and different psychotherapies. For example, questions concerning the integration of immigrants, social and physical disabilities, and coping strategies.

More specifically, my research has focused on conceptual and theoretical questions in psychology, particularly learning and cognition. In these areas I am the author of several books: Towards Discursive Education. Philosophy, Technology and Modern Education (2010), Cambridge University Press; Understanding Language Acquisition: The Framework of Learning (1993), State University of New York Press and co-editor of two books on cognitive science: The Mind as a Scientific Object: Between Brain and Culture (2005), Oxford University press and The Future of the Cognitive Revolution (1997), Oxford University Press. I have also published a number of articles in international journals on topics related to my books.

I have organised a number of International conferences as well as international graduate summer schools, and have been a visiting Professor at York University and University of Toronto, Canada for several years.

Currently I am working on a four-year research project investigating conceptual issues in evolutionary psychology and education: Evolutionary educational psychology: a biologising of education? Supported by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Sweden.

In April 2011 my book Towards Discursive Education was nominated by Cambridge University Press for the Grawemeyer Education Award, which is an internationally prestigious award.

In November 2013 I was elected a Fellow of World Academy of Art and Science, WAAS.

I spent fall semester 2015 at the Department of Applied Psychology at New York University, New York City as a STINT Fellow (The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education) and as a Visiting Professor, co-teaching a PhD course Culture, Context and Psychology


I teach psychology and philosophy of social science, and supervise student theses.