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Magali Ljungar-Chapelon is an artistic researcher in Digital Representation (PhD), research coordinator at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) Lund University (LU), tutor and supervisor in research methodology and examiner (Bachelor and Master levels) at the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, LU.

She is particularly interested in interactive virtual reality-based performances involving the human body with a potential to strengthen existential health. She seeks to launch and analyse artistic and technical processes for immersive sensory experiences engaging the audience as actor-spectator in time and space.

She has a background within the performing arts (Dance), languages (German), and political and social sciences. Her work is interdisciplinary and collaborative at the crossover between several art forms and disciplines: Virtual Reality-art, dance, music, theatre, archaeology, interaction design, technical communication, architecture, medicine, and psychology.

At a theoretical level and from a hermeneutic perspective her research addresses how artistic research and digital technology linked with other disciplines might generate shared cognitive maps and new knowledge at the threshold between Art and Science with the aim of framing existential sustainability.


As a research coordinator, she has worked several years with the implementation of Lund University Cultural Strategy framing  cultural collaboration through dialogs between Art and Science engaging  students and researchers from various disciplines and faculties  in workshops, seminars and conferences.


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