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Our work is in the general field of organotransition metal chemistry and the goal is to find and develop organometallic reactions with possible applications in catalysis. We use specialised synthetic techniques, including high-vacuum, Schlenk and glove box work. Structural characterisation is performed using mainly multi-nuclear NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography. In our work we always try to understand reaction mechanisms in as much detail as possible using, inter alia, kinetics measurements and spectroscopic identification of inter-mediates. In looking for new catalysis we also develop the basic organometallic chemistry of e.g. pincer ligands and complexes.

Activation of small molecules is a major theme in the group. We are trying to find transition metal complexes for the activation of carbon dioxide to make new C–O and C–C bonds. Thus, we are assessing the reactivity of M–C and M–O bonds of various transition metal complexes towards CO2 and other electrophiles. Eventually the goal is to incorporate these reactions into catalysis making carboxylic acids and organic carbonates.

We also develop new catalysts for C–H activation with ligands that render the metal centre more reactive and that allow for binding of the catalyst on a solid support. Within this work we focus on understanding the chemistry of metal hydrides and apply them to dehydrogenation reactions, e.g. in the framework of hydrogen storage.


In the group we are involved in teaching on the following courses: 


Second year inorganic chemistry for chemical engineers

Ola Wendt lectures this course.

Organometallic and Coordination Chemistry
Ola Wendt lectures part of this course

Professional work

Present and previous members in the Wendt group:

PhD students (OFW main supervisor unless indicated):

1. Sven Sjövall, PhD Oct 2001 (with Carlaxel Andersson)

2. Patrik Nilsson, PhD May 2005  

3. Adriana Ionescu, PhD Jun 2006 (with Carlaxel Andersson)

4. Roger Johansson, PhD Feb 2007 

5. Daniel Olsson, PhD Oct 2007

6. Emmanuel Tebandeke, FL, Dec 2008; PhD Makerere U., Oct 2012 (with Henry Ssekaloo)

7. Magnus Johnson, PhD Feb 2013

8. Klara Jonasson, PhD Jun 2014

9. Mikhail Kondrashov, PhD Dec 2015

10. Ruth Odhiambo PhD Nairobi U, Dec 2015 (with Lydia Njenga)

11. Ekaterina Bolbat, PhD Sep 2016

12. Sheetal Sisodiya, PhD Jun 2017

13. Solomon Yiga, FL Jan 2018; PhD Makerere U., Mar 2021 (with Henry Ssekaloo)

14. Maitham Majeed, PhD Feb 2018

15. Abdelrazek Mousa, PhD Dec 2018

16. Rachael Njogu, PhD Nairobi U, Dec 2020 (with Lydia Njenga)

17. Fiona Maungo Nermark, enrolled Sep 2016 (with Charlotta Turner)

18. Ruth Mbabazi, enrolled Aug 2017 (with Emmanuel Tebandeke)

19. Nitish Garg, enrolled Jul 2019

20. Alice Spangenberg, enrolled Sep 2021


Postdoctoral scholars:

1. Mostafa El Masnaouy, PhD, April 2001–July 2002

2. Emmanuel Roblou, PhD, January 2003–December 2004

3. Michael Hill, PhD, December 2004–September 2005

4. Athimoolam Pillai, PhD, March 2006-November 2007

5. Nagarajan Loganathan, PhD, April 2009–April 2012

6. Sudarkodi Raman, PhD, September 2009–August 2011

7. Inus van der Rensburg, PhD, February 2010–January 2011

8. André Fleckhaus, PhD, April 2011–April 2013

9. Kevin Guillois, PhD, April 2012–August 2013

10. Alexey Polukeev, PhD, January 2013–June 2015; March 2018–June 2020

11. Oleksandr Kovalenko, PhD, October 2014–December 2016

12. Manojveer Seetharaman, PhD, January 2018–June 2019

13. Cassandra Hayes, PhD, March 2018–March 2019

14. Nirmalya Mukherjee, PhD, June 2019–October 2021

15. Kaushik Chakrabarti, PhD, March 2020–

16. Morteza Karimzadeh, PhD, June 2021–Feb 2022

UKÄ subject classification

  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry


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