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My subject-based areas of interest are Supply Chain Risk Management and Methodology.

The background to my interest in Supply Chain Risk Management is mainly my research and teaching in transportation and logistics. Around the turn of the century, I began to become more and more aware of the vulnerability of modern society, and in particular disturbances and disruptions in the infrastructure. In 2001, we were a group of researchers with similar interests that met in Crewe in England and exchanged experiences and discussed what the new subject area should be called. We agreed after some discussion to name it “Supply Chain Risk Management” and formed the research network ISCRiM – a network that is still very active. Since then, I have been doing research within this field and spreading my results through my doctoral dissertation and some 20 research publications to the majority of countries in the world.

My other interest, Methodology, is rooted in my own experiences of the new kind of challenges, compared to reading traditional courses, which you are faced with when writing dissertations and research reports, but especially from learnings from my many years as a supervisor of essays and dissertations. This interest has resulted in a handful of textbooks but also other forms of publications. Methodology is the very essence of science and methodological issues can be emotionally charged. An ongoing endeavor in my publications has therefore been to try to present methodological issues in an undramatized way by seeing them as resource efficiency issues.


My ambition as a pensioner is primarily to update and popularize my research results and publish them in a way that makes them easily accessible to everyone.  

In the subject area of Method, my ambition is to continue to write/update both shorter publications and textbooks where the method questions are presented in a simple, logical, and undramatic way. One of the books has also been translated into English. In 2020, a new textbook (in Swedish) was published in which I tried to discuss various methodological issues in a straightforward manner and link them to the resource efficiency issue, i.e. how we should be able, based on given resources and take into account the different requirements placed on an academic product, to achieve as many interesting results as possible. And in 2022 another new textbook (in Swedish), this time with a focus on how to do investigations within the public sector, was published.

For the subject area of Supply Chain Risk Management, I have therefore published about ten different shorter, focused writings in both Swedish and English. Behind this endeavor lies my conviction that the knowledge of the vulnerability of society, not least in the flows, and what we can do to reduce this vulnerability must be spread to more education, organizations, and companies than today and also to the wider general public. At the moment, I am working on connecting and deepening my various publications into a practically oriented handbook.

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