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Recent publications (2018 -2023):

“Incommensurability and vagueness in spectrum arguments: Options for saving transitivity of betterness”, with Toby Handfield, Philosophical Studies 175, 2018, 2373–2387.

  1. Special issue on “Beliefs in Groups”, edited with Franz Dietrich, Theory and Decision 85, issue 1, 2018, pp. 1-116.
  2. “Introduction to the Special Issue ‘Beliefs in Groups’ of Theory and Decision”, with Franz Dietrich, Theory and Decision 85, 2018, pp. 1-4.
  3. “Are Institutions Rules in Equilibrium? Comments on Guala’s Understanding Institutions”, Philosophy of the Social Sciences 48, 2018, 569-84.
  4. “Between Sophistication and Resolution – Wise Choice”, in R. Chang and K. Sylvan (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Practical Reason, Routledge, 2020.
  5. “A Simpler, More Compelling Money Pump with Foresight”, with Johan Gustafsson, The Journal of Philosophy 117, 2020, pp. 578-89.
  6. “Are Probabilities Values?”, in I. Niiniluoto and S. Pihlström (eds), Normativity – The 2019 Entretiens of Institut International de Philosophie, Acta Philosophical Fennica 96, 2020, pp. 67-99.
  7. “Incommensurability Meets Risk”, in Incommensurability: Vagueness, Parity and Other Non-conventional Relations, ed. by H. Anderson and A. Herlitz, New York and London: Routledge 2021: 201 – 230.
  8. “Explaining Value. On Orsi and Garcia’s explanatory objection to the fitting-attitude analysis”, with Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen, Philosophical Studies 78(8), 2021, pp. 2473-2482. (Published on-line October 2020.)
  9. “Värdeteori i Sverige – de senaste decennierna” (Value theory in Sweden – the recent decades), Svensk Filosofi 2021, https://svenskfilosofi.se/2021/01/11/wlodek-rabinowicz-vardeteori-i-sverige-de-senaste-decennierna/
  10. “Can Parfit′s Appeal to Incommensurabilities Block the Continuum Argument for the Repugnant Conclusion?”, in Ethics and Existence: The Legacy of Derek Parfit, ed. by J. McMahan, T. Campbell, J. Goodrich and K. Ramakrishnan, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022: 430-460. An earlier version was pre-printed in P. Bowman & K. Berndt Rasmussen (eds), Studies in climate ethics and future generations vol. 1, Institute for Futures Studies (IFFS), Working Papers 2019: 1- 11, Stockholm 2019, pp. 63 – 90.
  11. “Getting Personal – The Intuition of Neutrality Re-interpreted”, The Oxford Handbook of Population Ethics, ed. by G. Arrhenius, K. Bykvist, T. Campbell and E. Finneron-Burns, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022: 114-141. An earlier version was pre-printed in P. Bowman & K. Berndt Rasmussen (eds), Studies in climate ethics and future generations vol. 2, Institute for Futures Studies (IFFS), Working Papers 2020: 1- 11, Stockholm 2020, pp. 59 – 90.
  12. “Degrees of Commensurability and the Repugnant Conclusion”, with Alan Hájek, Noûs 56 (4), 2022: 897-919. Published on-line in 2021. Voted by Philosopher’s Annual 41 (2022) as one of the ten best philosophical papers that appeared in 2021.
  13. “Personalized Neutral-Range Utilitarianism with Incommensurable Lives – What Form Does It Take? And Is It Repugnant?”, Filosofiska notiser 9/1, 2022: 63–86. https://filosofiskanotiser.com/Rabinowicz.pdf
  14. “Sten Lindström till minne”, Filosofisk Tidskrift 2/43, 2022: 62–3.
  15. “Sten Lindström in memoriam”, Theoria 88 (2022): 487–90.
  16. “Goodness and Numbers”, in Andres Garcia, Mattias Gunnemyr, and Jakob Werkmäster (eds.), Value, Morality and Social Reality – Essays dedicated to Dan Egonsson, Björn Petersson & Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen, Department of Philosophy, Lund University 2023: 355-381.


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