Accelerating Sustainability Entrepreneurship Experiments in Local Spaces

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There is a need for a more targeted, evidence-based approach to engaging small businesses that helps to overcome substantial gaps in capacity. TRANSFORM will address this challenge by activating a vibrant global network of Hubs of Research and Practice (in 8 countries, including 11 universities and 15 partners) that will build capacity in SMEs to transition to or adopt fundamentally sustainable business models (such as social entrepreneurship, benefit corporations, and cooperatives). TRANSFORM will work closely with SMEs to: 1) implement an interactive capacity- building process that enables SMEs to explore transformative approaches to sustainability; 2) cultivate, observe, and evaluate sustainability experiments in the small business community; 3) develop and disseminate a tailored transformation toolkit targeting business, government and civil society actors; and4) draw on national and international examples to inform the design and implementation of Canadian sustainability and innovation policies at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels.
Effective start/end date2019/01/012025/12/31

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