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Our society relies heavily on software, and working software is many times critical. Program analysis aims to assist with development of high quality software. However, software developers are having usability issues with program analysis results and are missing out on potentially useful information. The purpose of this project is to explore how adaptive developer tools can make program analysis more useful. The specific goals are to learn more about the interaction between software developers and program analysis results, to investigate how developer activities and use of program analysis results can be automatically detected, to explore how the presentation of results can be tuned via feedback of use and activity, and to experiment with different presentation strategies in order to optimize for use. The project will be carried out by the applicant, two PhD students, and research assistants, in collaboration with colleagues with long experience in user experience research, eye-tracking, and empirical software engineering research. The project starts with two case studies, to learn more about the domain, and continues with prototype development alternated with mixed-method experiments. Results from the project has the potential of removing prohibiting usability issues with program analysis. Fully utilized program analysis can assist developers more and lead to production of source code of higher quality.
Short titleADAPT
Effective start/end date2020/04/012026/03/31


  • Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF