Work less, live more? Voluntary part-time work and consequences for health, well-being and life satisfaction

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What are the effects of part-time work on Swedish employees and their sense of quality of life? A relatively large proportion of employed workers in Sweden choose to work part-time, women more than men. Research has established that a central outcome of this is a sustained income gap between men and women. However, the reasons for choosing part-time work vary, and may actually have positive effects that have yet to be properly explored. Do part-time workers experience increased well-being and greater life satisfaction? And if so, what circumstances, including social position, material life conditions and values, contribute to determining the outcomes of part-time work? This project explores, through a combination of survey, register and interview data, the consequences of voluntary part-time work on health, well-being, and life satisfaction on different groups of workers.
Effective start/end date2019/01/012023/12/31


  • Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)