BECC Action group: Rewetting of forested wetlands

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Starting from spring 2020 an experimental rewetting of a drained and subsequently forested wetland will be performed in the Skogaryd Research site. The rewetting will be done after clear cutting the spruce forest and by installing a plastic barrier perpendicularly to the direction of water flow. In addition to the rewetted area there will be control areas south of the barrier that will be replanted with spruce seedlings (and possibly other species) after ditch maintenance. North of the rewetted a part of the forest will be left unharveted as a control to the clear-cutting. This project will take the opportunity arisen and study the effects of rewetting on biogeochemical processes (including greenhouse gas emissions, carbon storage and fluvial leakage), hydrology, downstream water chemistry, and on biodiversity.
Effective start/end date2018/09/242019/09/24

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