Breaking the Barriers of Terahertz Communications: Understanding Wave Propagation for 6G

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The new THz band (0.1-10THz) is considered as the “next frontier for wireless communications” to meet the ever-increasing demands in throughput, latency and reliability. Since wireless systems must be designed with constraints set by the radio channels, understanding the THz channel characteristics is essential for communication, positioning and sensing operating at the THz bands. However, they are almost unknown, which places fundamental barriers to practical THz systems. This is mainly due to challenges in developing THz channel sounders, accurate and efficient estimation of THz channel parameters, and establishing comprehensive and realistic 6G-compatible THz channel models. To fill the gaps, we aim to create basic theory, technology and knowledge in THz channel sounding, parameter estimation, characterization, and modeling to explore the THz bands and the possibilities they open for. The project is divided into three work packages: 1) Development and characterization of a novel real-time double-directional THz channel sounder; 2) Development of generic and low-cost high-resolution channel parameter estimation algorithms for THz channels; and 3) Establishment of spatially consistent THz channel models that are suitable for 6G applications. Such an investigation will lead to the very first understanding, make breakthroughs and provide guidelines for realistic design and performance analysis of THz communication, positioning and sensing systems.
Effective start/end date2023/01/012027/01/01