Building bridges for educational developers into internationalisation (BB for ED)

  • Eftekhari, Pouneh (Researcher)
  • Roxå, Torgny (PI)
  • Beleen, Jos (Researcher)
  • Hindrix, Karine (Researcher)
  • Reiffenrath, Tanja (Researcher)
  • Thielsch, Angelika (Researcher)

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Recent global events have inspired a renewed focus on internationalization at home (IaH) to develop all students into globally competent individuals and professionals. Scholarship on this topic is limited and in practice, international educators (IEs)—e.g.,primarily those working in international offices and who have little to no training in pedagogy—have been the main advocates for and facilitators of the internationalization of the curriculum (IoC). As a result, these efforts have produced training programs and resources taught/designed by IEs for both IEs and academics and often focus on activities rather than the quality of the instructional design to improve the learning process and outcomes. We believe the key to bridging the gap between internationalization and pedagogy are educational developers (EDs); however, little is known about EDs conceptual understanding of, interest in and the conditions that frame their engagement in the IoC process, especially in the non-Anglo speaking world. By filling this knowledge gap and bridging these two worlds--educational development and internationalization--there is an increased opportunity for sustainable and more effective curriculum change which benefits all students, not just the mobile few. Expected outcomes of this research include recommendations for practice and further research.
Effective start/end date2023/01/012026/06/30

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  • internationalisation
  • education development
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