Children’s voices, rights and development: Future practices for a resilient childhood

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Consolidation of a strong research area within the Faculty of Social Sciences

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The structure and values of our contemporary societies are constantly challenged, locally, nationally and globally. Some challenges are predictable, others unexpected. Central for facing them at an individual, collective, political and societal level, is the ability to adapt. A key to long-term societal sustainability is the individual and collective psychological and social resilience that we instil in those who form the basis of tomorrow's society: our children, but also resilient systems and structures - legal, political or other - that support the children. Research conducted within the Faculty of Social Sciences is uniquely suited to address and strengthen children's resilience, through science, teaching and policy. Our network gathers researchers who together possess the necessary perspectives and skills to produce a new, scientifically rigorous knowledge basis to ensure that children's voices are heard, that their rights are secured, and that children are allowed to develop freely into adaptive, resilient individuals with a strong sense of belonging and participation in society.
Short titleChildren's voices, rights and development
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