Cognitive Philosophy Research Group (CogPhi)

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The CogPhi Research Group consists of researchers at Lund University and the University of Zurich dedicated to the study of philosophical topics from the perspective of cognitive science. An overarching goal is to provide a mind-centered explanation of any natural phenomenon, such as for example knowledge, intelligence, and the mind itself, as long as it can be lucidly conceptualized. This is done by analysing how humans interpret and represent natural phenomena via the existing cognitive and neurological capacities that are available for us to understand the world and ourselves, which sheds light on the natural phenomena themselves as well as on our relation to the world. By reviewing leading frameworks in cognitive science regarding their ability to explain concepts in philosophy, we strive to identify strengths, weaknesses, and underdeveloped areas in these frameworks. Moreover, we believe it fruitful to integrate models from different levels of analysis to further this goal. We are thus interested in how sciences such as cognitive neuroscience, cognitive ethology, cognitive psychology, and artificial intelligence research, as well as the different frameworks that have been developed within these sciences, can be applied to questions explored in, for example, metaphilosophy, epistemology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind.
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