Contact allergy to palladium

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Contact allergy to metals is common. The most common contact allergen is a metal, namely nickel. Since 2001, there is legislation within the EU that regulates the nickel release from metal objects. There has been concern that the restrictions on nickel will increase the use of other metals such as palladium and cobalt.
The aim of this project is: i) to study the incidence of palladium and cobalt allergy in Southern Sweden and investigate whether there have been any Changes in the contact allergy frquency following the nickel legislation; ii) to optimise the test method used to detect palladium allergic individuals, and iii) to investigate the clinical aspects of a contact allergy to palladium, i.e. the risk of getting eczema if you have an allergy.
The results from these studies are expected to result in a thesism which will be defended by Lisbeth Rosholm-Comstedt.
Effective start/end date2014/10/01 → …