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The purpose of the SEC4FACTORY project is to design and analyze security solutions for the next generation factories, allowing access control and secure communication, device and system life-cycle management, and privacy conscious data analysis in the cloud. Since these future industry systems must support time-critical services on heterogeneous computing platforms where some have very limited computing, memory and bandwidth capacities, we will research new security solutions with real-time performance running also on resource constrained computing units. The project’s main goal is to provide system security research covering aspects from production system security architecture design to detailed design of protection mechanisms such as encryption algorithms, key management solutions, and access control mechanisms. Furthermore, these new security solutions will be combined with high performance network and system design, evaluated and tested under realistic conditions and through development of demonstrators. High quality research results will be produced through cross disciplinary research cooperation between researchers with expertise in secure computer systems, cryptographic primitives, access control, software engineering and networking technologies.
Effective start/end date2018/04/012024/12/31

Collaborative partners


  • Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF