Diverging innovation trends in Finland and Sweden 1970-2013

  • Kander, Astrid (PI)
  • Farkas, Gergei (Researcher)
  • Oksanen, Juha (PI)
  • van der Most, Frank (CoI)
  • Sjöö, Karolin (Researcher)
  • Torregrosa Hetland, Sara (Researcher)
  • Taalbi, Josef (Researcher)
  • Ljungberg, Jonas (Researcher)
  • Ek, Axel (CoI)
  • Karlsson, Linnea (CoI)
  • Johansson, Mathias (CoI)
  • Rilla, Nina (Researcher)
  • Pelkonen, Antti (Researcher)
  • Deschryvere, Matthias (PI)
  • Mäntylä, Maria (Researcher)

Project: Research

Project Details


Purpose and goal:
To investigate whether different innovation trends in the databases SWINNO and SFINNO are due to differences in data collection methods or real differences in innovation outcomes.

Planned design and implementation:
Despite major structural similarities between Finland and Sweden, the innovation dynamic seems to differ: an increasing trend in Finland and decreasing in Sweden. Does it depend on the differences in methodology for collecting data? Are Innovation trends really different in the two countries? The overall aim is to present, compare and analyze innovation performance between 1970 and 2013, as well as customizing the databases to make them comparable.
Effective start/end date2014/11/272017/03/06

Collaborative partners

  • Lund University (lead)
  • VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, Espoo
  • Myndigheten för tillväxtpolitiska utvärderingar och analyser, Tillväxtanalys


  • Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)

UKÄ subject classification

  • Economic History


  • innovation
  • databases
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Literature Based Innovation Output Method
  • LBIO