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The dissertation project investigates how the application of targeted technologies could contribute to the definition of new forms of publication of archaeological investigations.
It considers whether and how it is possible standardizing and optimizing the data management and publication work, embedding them into new forms of narration within the archaeological report. Despite the widespread use of innovative 3D data storage and management tools, indeed, text-and-image reports are still the main source of information on archaeological research, and it is quite difficult to access this kind of information by means different from the standardized one. The aim of this project is to design and develop dynamic working tools for archaeologists for both documentation and data post-processing and interpretation.
Through the use of web-based platforms, the three-dimensional contents will be published online, dynamically merged and integrated with the other media produced in the archaeological investigations, thus being crucial elements of the interactive narrative. These new interactive publications could be customized according to the needs of any project, thanks to the great possibilities offered by the tools for the online publication of three-dimensional contents already available.
This research will introduce new ways of sharing and accessing archaeological excavations taking advantage of the communicative potentials of the 3D contents and the web and the effective interaction between 3D models and their connected data

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Archaeological report, Interactive Report, Digital Archaeology
Effective start/end date2018/09/012023/07/27

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  • Archaeology

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  • 3D data
  • digital archaeology
  • data management