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The integrity of reflex circuits in the nervous system is critical for various physiological functions. Inadequate signals in neural circuits may cause diseases, for example paralysis or pain. Signals involve coupled processing of biochemical and electrical entities. However, today’s approaches for symptom relief and future therapeutics are typically based on biochemical approaches, alone. With the e-NeuroPharma effort we propose to explore organic bioelectronics, in vivo-manufactured within the nervous system, to enable an electronic neuropharmacology approach for future symptom
suppression and therapy of targeted diseases. The e-NeuroPharma will include:
- Design and synthesis of organic electronic molecules that distribute and self-polymerize on and within neural circuits.
- Development of electrodes and drug delivery devices forming self-organized bioelectronics amalgamated with nerves.
- Advancing wiring and interconnects for e-NeuroPharma circuits to enable complex bioelectronic therapy protocols.
Initially, e-NeuroPharma will be explored and “screened” using cell lines, and then applied to:
- locust and zebrafish brains, targeting neurodegenerative diseases,
- experimental in vivo models, targeting peripheral nerve injury and inflammation, and
- mouse neuronal cells and nerve injury-induced models, targeting chronic pain.
For this research, key-competences from bioelectronics, materials science, chemistry and medicine have gathered to derive e-NeuroPharma.
Effective start/end date2019/10/012024/12/31


  • Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF