Ecological citizen and right to the city movements in Europe

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This project aims to analyze the impact of contemporary movements in Europe in creating collective citizen initiatives and inclusive societies.

Results and findings:

The project results are documented by three publications. The project findings contribute to a deeper understanding of politicization, especially in the aftermath of significant social movements, such as occupy movements. The project documented the differences between ‘everyday makers’ and ‘expert citizens’ in citizen initiatives and their significance in sustaining a transformative change through the case of citizen municipalism in Barcelona. Another finding is the alliance-building between citizen initiatives and different sectors. The project show strategies and examples of co-production of municipal policies in the context of energy, climate and gender together with activists and key people in respective sectors.
Effective start/end date2015/04/092018/06/30


  • Swedish Research Council

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  • Social Sciences

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  • community, ecology, right, city, urban