ELLIIT LU P01: WP6 Vehicular communication

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Platooning is a vehicular application aiming at increasing road safety, efficiency and driving comfort. In a platoon the leading vehicle is driven by the professional driver, while the following vehicles either automatically maintain the velocity of the leading one, but their directions are still controlled by the drivers, or follow it without human intervention due to both the lateral and longitudinal automatic control. Design and performance evaluation of the inter-vehicle communication protocols to support coordinated maneuvering and automated/automatic driving in a platoon is an emergent research topic. Real-time exchange of the kinematic information by all the maneuvering vehicles is crucial for their cooperation. The effectiveness and reliability of the platooning application heavily depends on the quality of the vehicle-to-vehicle communication links and the performance of the involved communication protocols. Both of the above rely upon the properties of the propagation channel. In this project, the channel and link behavior will be described and modeled by statistical means, which combined with communication protocol models facilitates realistic assessment of platooning application performance in 5G scenarios.
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