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Small modular reactors (SMRs) have (rapidly) become part of the solution for future fossil-free energy systems in Sweden. The technology is not yet fully developed but SMRs are expected to be more flexible, involve lower costs and entail fewer risks compared to large-scale reactors. Even if risks are believed to be fewer, they still involve radiological risks. Therefore, the possible implementation of SMRs concerns emergency preparedness around the site and of all actors that will be involved in operating SMRs. Compared with stationary nuclear powerplants (NPPs), risks are different and additional actors are involved.
The aim of this research project (acronym ESMOR) is to contribute with knowledge on emergency preparedness for SMRs among key actors in Sweden and suggest how to develop emergency preparedness among actors involved. More specifically, the study poses the following research questions (RQs):

RQ1: How do international recommendations on SMR emergency preparedness (EPR) translate into Swedish context and which key stakeholders will be involved in the EPR?

RQ2: How are these key stakeholders prepared for SMRs in their organization? How does prior experience of radiological EPR influence the stakeholders?

RQ3: How do key stakeholders relate to and make sense of collaboration with other potential stakeholders in the development of the emergency preparedness for SMRs?

RQ4: How can the understanding and current preparedness for radiological and nuclear (RN) events be developed for SMRs in a Swedish context?
Short titleESMOR
Effective start/end date2024/01/012027/06/30