eSSENCE@LU 6:6 - Simulation-based imaging for prediction of surgery outcome in congenital heart disease

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In congenital heart disease, it is crucial to decide the timing of surgical interventions, and cardiovascular flow imaging has strong potential to provide the required information for surgical decision-making. However, current imaging is not sufficient for this task. Therefore, we aim to:
1. Develop a novel simulation-based imaging framework for flow magnetic resonance imaging, providing high quality images with ultra-high resolution and fast scan times.
2. Apply the framework to long-standing problems in congenital heart disease: a) to use power loss in Fontan patients as a predictor for long-term surgery outcome and b) to provide quantitative predictors of re-coarctation in children with aortic coarctation.
Short titleeSSENCE@LU 6:6
Effective start/end date2020/01/012021/12/31


  • Swedish Research Council