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Lund University is since spring 2018 part of the European Advanced Translational Research InfraStructure (EATRIS), the European research infrastructure for translational medicine. By joining EATRIS, Lund University now enable for research teams and infrastructures at the University to be part of a European arena for the development of medical treatments and tools.Lund University is one of seven Swedish organisations that are included and Sweden’s membership in EATRIS is funded by the Swedish Research Council, with the national hub located in Uppsala where Ulrika Bäckman is national coordinator and Mats Larhed national director. Sweden is one of, at the moment, twelve member countries in EATRIS and several more countries are now discussing membership, including Germany. EATRIS works with five focus areas – Biomarkers, Cell- and gene therapy, Imaging & tracing, Small molecules and Vaccines – and for Swedish universities, membership opens up an international window for collaboration, but also offers new opportunities for professional interaction across traditional boundaries.For more information contact Kajsa M. Paulsson, regional coordinator for EATRIS.
Short titleEATRIS-ERIC
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