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This project focuses on the system optimization of a full electric single axle drive. The considered axle, starting from the terminals of a traction battery, consists of a DC/DC converter, a DC/AC converter, an electric traction machine and a mechanical transmission. Based on specific requirements on the performance of the axle on the wheels, like speed, power, torque etc, an optimized design is established. The voltage levels of the battery is assumed to be known, the following current requirements on the DC/DC and DC/AC converter, the speed range physical dimensions of the electrical machine and finally the transmission ratio and physical dimension of the transmission are modelled in detail and an extensive system optimization is made. The modelling is verified in comparison to a Borg Warner Haldex prototype axle.

The main contribution with this work is in the extensive and detailed model development of all vital energy converters, including the combination of them in a system. Using the modelling and optimization technique presented makes it significantly easier to reach a very close to optimal solution in the development of any electric powertrain.
Effective start/end date2013/04/222015/12/31

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  • Powertrain optimization
  • Cost modelling
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Electric vehicles