Fluorescence microscopy, a versatile tool to unravel polymer properties

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Using Fluorescence microscopy and its numerous derivatives, this project aims to study some of the most remarkable polymer available. It will focus on the single-molecule spectroscopy study of conjugated polymers used in highly efficient solar cell and the investigation of single molecule dynamics on two dimensional polymer sheets.

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Polymers are large molecules having periodical structures formed by repetition of its structural unit leading to a molecular chain or a sheet – the latter is a very recent achievement of polymer chemists. Their properties are determined not only by their structural units but also by their conformation and environment, offering great possibilities for tuning of properties. Polymer materials are flexible and light while they can be stronger than steel, they can conduct electricity and emit light. Consequently, they take an important part in our modern world. Every individual molecule differs from the other because of the different conformations individual chains/sheets can adopt. Therefore, to deeper understand the world of polymers, we propose to study individual molecules rather than bulk samples where all individuals are averaged out. We will use fluorescence microscopy and spectroscopy to study some of the most remarkable polymers available today: conjugated polymers used in high efficient solar cell and two dimensional sheet-like polymers (2DP). Connecting of electronic properties of conjugated chains to their conformation is crucial for fundamental molecular physics, paving the way for improvement of opto-electronic devices. 2DPs are interesting as a new, unexplored class of materials and virtually nothing is known about their potential for applications. We will use anthracene based 2DPs as a model material to understand mechanical properties of two-dimensional polymers.
Effective start/end date2016/12/012020/12/01

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  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • 2D Polymers
  • Conjugated polymers
  • spectroscopy
  • Diffusion