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We investigate high-resolution parameter estimation-based methods for accurate positioning using fully digital massive MIMO. Complementary to the sensing with analogue/hybrid beamforming antennas we focus on high-end and
fully digital beamforming to achieve centimetre-level positioning accuracy. To this aim, we first identify the required high-resolution parameters such as RSS/AoA/phase that are suitable for accurate positioning. Special emphasis will be placed on the estimation and tracking of multipath components carrying essential information, i.e., multipath components and distinct specular components with high SINR. We quantify the performance loss compared to codebook- or phased array-based location systems. Next, we design multi-path assisted positioning based on the above estimated parameters. The multipath components act as virtual transmitters that are fully coherent with each other, thus enhancing the positioning accuracy. We further extend the proposed methods to achieve centimetre-level location accuracy in dynamic AR applications, using prototyping facilities
Effective start/end date2020/05/012024/12/31