High Performance Embedded Computing

  • Gruian, Flavius (Researcher)
  • Kuchcinski, Krzysztof (Researcher)
  • Janneck, Jörn (Researcher)
  • Arslan, Mehmet Ali (Researcher)
  • Mirza, Usman Mazhar (Researcher)
  • Zhang, Chenxin (Researcher)
  • Cedersjö, Gustav (Researcher)
  • Prabhu, Hemanth (Researcher)
  • Liu, Liang (Researcher)
  • Zhu, Meifang (Researcher)
  • Liu, Yangxurui (Researcher)
  • Edfors, Ove (Researcher)
  • Öwall, Viktor (Researcher)

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Layman's description

Architectures and programming environments and tools related to high-performance applications. Multi-core and many-core computing platforms.
Short titleHiPEC
Effective start/end date2011/01/012015/12/31

Collaborative partners


  • Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF