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The project aims at increasing research collaboration between the medical and humanities faculties.

Expansion of access to research infrastructure at the Humanities Lab by developing collaboration with LU Bioimaging Center constitutes a central goal.

The Humanities and Medicine (HuMe) initiative aims at increasing research collaboration between the medical faculty and the HT-faculties. An important component in this work is the expansion of the research infrastructure available for investigators working at the interface between humanities and medical technology. Access to frontline research equipment is being made possible through collaboration with the Lund University Bioimaging Center (LBIC) which houses MR (Magnetic Resonance) scanners that can be used to make images of the human brain and body. The MR-technique makes possible investigations of what areas of the brain are involved in the processing of different kinds of words, texts, images or sound (speech, music) using the so-called functional Magnetic Resonance imaging (fMRI) technique.

Since 2012, the HuMe initiative and the network TESLA at the medical faculty have organized a seminar series on fMRI-methodology and its applications in the humanities:

On May 31 2013 the interdisciplinary symposium Imaging of Cognitive Functions: A HuMe-TESLA Symposium took place with contributions representing research at HT, S, M and N-faculties.


Participation in the medical faculty's 2012 summer-research scho
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