Ideological construction of the body. Conceptions of reality and value with regard to gender

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Questions about what is real or not are important; they concern what values are embedded in a certain culture, religion or society. If, for instance, women or slaves are not counted as real human beings, they may not enjoy human rights. The project investigates the connections between reality and values, specifically concerning religious conceptual constructions of body and gender.

The project relates the philosophical debate on the relation between our conceptualizations and what we call reality to the theory of gender debate concerning the body as a social, cultural and linguistic construction.

This in order to identify and discuss possible concequences for the philosophical understanding of religious identity and for the constitution of the individual as body in society, specifically in relation to religious fundamentalism.

As a result I have introduced the concept religious proximity as a tool for making intersectional analyses of situations where religion is actualized; specifically with regard to internal religious situations. A high degree of religious proximity implies a high degree of closeness to what is understood as the religious specific centre, and also implies a higher degree of authority and power.

For instance is shown that religiously grounded oppression of women is connected with the male's higher degree of religious proximity. Deviations from the norm of what constitutes a real man or a real woman results in a loss of reilgious proximity.

Important publications are the article Religion och intersektionalitet in Kvinnovetenskaplig tidskrift, 2005; and the article Intersektionalitet och religiös förändring in Religionshistorisk årsskrift, 2008.
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