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Advanced study group Imaging for Life at Pufendorf.

The participants in the study group each represent important competencies for the proposed study area and together form a very strong association with the opportunity for both innovation, utilization, synergism and complementarity regarding image in Life Science. The group will work to involve other researchers at Lund University, MAX IV, ESS and other institutions in order to best achieve their goals.

Kajsa M. Paulsson, Experimentell medicinsk vetenskap, MedFAK, Imaging for Life coordinator
Lars Dahlin, Handkirurgi, MedFAK
Participants from start
Freddy Ståhlberg, LBIC, MedFAK
Jonas Tegenfeldt, nanoC, LTH
Dan E. Nilsson, Biologi, NatFAK
Reine Wallenberg, nCRHEM, LTH
Martin Bech, Medicinsk Strålningsfysik, NatFAK
Karl Åström, Matematik, LTH
Rajmund Mokso, MAX lab
Stephen Hall, Division of Solid Mechanics, LTH/4D Imaging Lab
Crister Ceberg, Medicinsk Strålningsfysik, NatKAK
Gunnar Gouras, Experimentell medicinsk vetenskap, MedFAK
Markus Stroble, ESS
Additional participants affiliated during the project.
Short titleImaging for Life
Effective start/end date2016/08/012017/06/30